The Eleventh ICFP Programming Contest: Rules

Submission Procedure

Contestants will submit source code for their solutions. If a team wishes to use a language or compiler that is not supported, they may submit an executable, as long as it runs in the LiveCD environment (see next sections). Executables may have additional binary dependencies, so long as the team submits a stand-alone tarball containing everything needed to run their submission that is not already included on the LiveCD.

Contestants may use whatever development environments and tools they choose while working on the problem. However, we will only consider submissions that compile (if source code is submitted) and run within the LiveCD environment. Hence, contestants who use other IDEs should make sure their code runs in the LiveCD environment before submitting it. The LiveCD is a tool to help contestants make sure their code will be compatible with our configuration. Contestants are not obligated to use it, but they should be aware that we may not be able to run their code if they do not test it with the LiveCD.

Programming Environment

Please see the description of the LiveCD for details about the programming environment.

Team Size

To keep the contest fair and fun for everyone, team size is limited to 5 (five) members. There are no other restrictions on who may be a contestant. You may discuss the problem with members of teams other than your own, but the solution your team submits must be solely the work of its own members.

There is no need to preregister. We attempt to evaluate every submission we receive by the contest entry deadline. We will ignore any entries we receive after the deadline.

Lightning Round

There will be a lightning round, beginning 12:00 Noon (PDT) on July 11 and ending 12:00 Noon (PDT) on July 12. There will be a prize for the best entry submitted within this 24-hour time period (see below.)

If your team would like to enter both the lightning round and the regular round, you may either:

  1. Submit a solution before the 24-hour mark (n.b. the lightning round is presently closed) and nothing after the 24-hour mark. We will consider your solution for both the lightning round and the regular round.
  2. Submit any number of solutions before the 24-hour mark, and any number of solutions afterward. We will consider your last solution from before the 24-hour mark for the lightning round, and your last solution before the contest deadline for the regular round.

If your team would like to only enter the lightning round and not have your solution considered for the regular round, please email (CC'ing all your teammates) with a request to withdraw from the regular round.


There will be prizes for the winner of the lightning round and for the first place winner in the contest. There will also be a judges' prize, to be awarded at our discretion. The prizes are as follows: Some additional funds will be available to help defray the cost of attendance at ICFP for represenative members of the winning teams, and their registration fees for the conference will be waived.

If the same team wins both the lightning round and the regular round, then we will award that team first place overall, and award the second-place lightning round finisher the lightning round prize.

The second and third place teams' names will also be announced at the conference, though there are no prizes for second or third place. After the prize presentations, we will post the results of all entries on this web site.

In addition, the organizers will declare during the conference that:

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