ICFP 2002 Programming Contest

Legend for the tables of results


The colors of the cells in the tables of results have the following meaning:

Example Meaning
100 The robot participated until it ran out of money or the game ended.
90 The robot left the game early for some reason. Perhaps it was pushed into water.
50 The robot used too much CPU time.
X The robot crashed at an early stage, no score was obtained.
0 The server timed out waiting for a command from the robot. This indicates some communication problem (or the server timeout was too low in a multi-player game.)
- The robot did not participate in this game
500 This score was obtained by summing up the scores from several games.

Popups with details

Provided you are using a modern web browser, text giving additional details should pop up when the mouse hovers over a

CPU Time used

In the last column in the tables, we tried to sum up the total amount of CPU time used by the robot. It seems that the CPU time measurements didn't work in all cases, however, so some robots have probably used more CPU time than indicated in the tables.
ICFP Programming Contest 2002