Hi, my name is Kristin...

Education and human-centered use of data and technology are two of my passions.

I teach courses in database systems and implementation, cloud data management, and most recently data science. I believe in project-based, learn-by-doing courses and inclusive and interactive classes.

I like to think about the intentional use of data and technology, the social implications of data as well as data visualization and design.

I'm involved in a variety of projects including PORTAL, the regional transportation data archive for the Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA metropolitan region.

Summer 2021 Course

Explorations in Data Science - CS 410/510

A summer reading and project course on topics in data science to include socio-technical and technical topics. Class activities will include reading and discussing papers, guest lectures, and a course project (no exams). A course description, including a draft schedule, is below.

Course Description

Spring 2021 Course

Introduction to Databases (486/586)

Course Description
Sample Schedule

Winter 2021 Course

Database Implementation (487P/587)

Course Description
Sample Schedule

Fall 2020 Courses

Cloud & Cluster Data Management (488P/588)

Course Description
Sample Schedule

Introduction to Databases (486/586)

Course Description
Sample Schedule

Winter 2019 Course

Analytics & Data Science (410/510)

Course Description

Projects I work on...

PORTAL The regional transportation data archive for the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region. Portal is supported by Metro, RTC and TREC with previous support from NSF, FHWA and OTREC.

NITC CV Platform Installing the MMITSS Connected Vehicle system on the Portland Streetcar. Joint with University of Arizona.

Some Projects I have worked on...

PUDL The Portland Urban Data Lake (PUDL) pilot will collect, store integrate, and analyze data from a variety of sources to provide a foundation for data-driven decision making for the City of Portland. Supported by City of Portland.

Smart City Challenge: Ubiquitous Mobility for Portland
UB Mobile PDX Video

S-Store . A collaboration with MIT and Brown through the Intel ISTC-Big Data that developed a stream processing system with transactional capabilities. Supported by the Intel ISTC-BD.

Niagara A data stream processing system.

Paradise A Parallel Object-Relational Database System. Sold to NCR Corporation.

IQ The Portland Innovation Quadrant is a community of innovators, educators, and creators, all committed to solving problems and designing products that move the world ahead.

Collaborative Smart Cities Action Plan A Smart Region is one that collaborates to improve people's lives using data and technology for informed decision-making to address regional goals related to equity, safety, affordability, sustainability, resilience, economic vitality, and public health.

Agile Data Integration for Air Quality and Transportation Novel data integration techniques for dynamically combining diverse data sources.


Prior Activities...

Presentations, Publications

You can look at: DBLP, theTRID database or google scholar.

Contact Info

Dr. Kristin Tufte
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science

Office: 115-09 FAB (CS)
email: tufte [at] pdx.edu