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Karla S. Fant - Senior Instructor at Portland State University

 Introductory Computer Science Curriculum

Welcome to Computer Science at PSU! We have developed some phenomenal material and exciting classes. CS162, CS163 and CS202 are C++ courses that have associated labs that meet each week.

If you have programmed before in any programming language and are comfortable writing programs from scratch then you can skip CS161 and start immediately with CS162. But, if you have never programmed, make sure to take CS161 first! CS163 assumes that you already are comfortable with C++, pointers, dynamic memory, and linear linked lists. CS202 is Object Oriented Programming using C++ and advanced data structures. Students must be proficiency with programming pointer based data structures to enroll in CS202.

Students applying for upper division admission must either pass PSU's CS202 course or pass the Proficiency Examination. Students demonstrate abilities to program with C++, implement data structure algorithms and use recursion. Students attempting this exam should be proficient with linear linked lists, circular linked lists, doubly linked lists, arrays of linked lists, and binary search trees using pointer based algorithms.
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