CV + Selected Publications

All ACM articles are linked through the ACM Authorizer service, and you should be able to download the official version for free. If you run into any trouble with this service (or with acquiring any other publications), please send me an email to request my author’s copy.

CyberPDX: An Interdisciplinary Professional Development Program for Middle and High School Teachers

Ellie Harmon, Veronica Hotton, Robert Liebman, Michael Lupro, Wu-chang Feng, Lois Delcambre, and David Pouliot.

Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world

Janine Berg, Marianne Furrer, Ellie Harmon, Uma Rani and M. Six Silberman

Designing against the status quo

Vera Khovanskaya, Lynn Dombrowski, Ellie Harmon, Matthias Korn, Ann Light, Michael Stewart, and Amy Voida

Competing Currencies: Designing for Politics in Units of Measurement

Amy Voida, Ellie Harmon, Willa Weller, Aubrey Thornsbury, Ariana Casale, Samuel Vance, Forrest Adams, Zach Hoffman, Alex Schmidt, Kevin Grimley, Luke Cox , Aubrey Neeley, Christopher Goodyear

Supporting everyday philanthropy: care work in situ and at scale

Ellie Harmon, Matthias Korn, and Amy Voida

Circumscribed time and porous time: Logics as a way of studying temporality

Melissa Mazmanian, Ingrid Erickson, and Ellie Harmon