1. Meetings with Me
  2. How to Find My Office
  3. Managing Multiple Google Accounts

Meetings with me

You can always drop in to my office hours without an appointment.

If you need to meet with me outside of those times, you can request a meeting through the PSU Google Calendar system.

  1. Go to cal.pdx.edu
  2. Click on the + Create button to create a new event
  3. Click on More Options in the popup
  4. Click on Find a Time
  5. Add me as a guest by my email: harmon8@pdx.edu
  6. Choose a time when I am available, and schedule the event


  • Do not assume we are meeting until I have accepted the invitation. Even though my calendar may show that I am available at the time you request, I must reserve some time each week for course preparation and grading, as well as basic life sustenance activities such as eating lunch.
  • All requests must be made with at least 1 full business day advance notice (i.e. requests for a 9am Monday meeting may be created no later than 9am Friday).
  • You will not be able to see my availability from your personal Google account. You must use your pdx.edu account.
  • The event will have the same title in both of our calendars. “CS199 - Luke + Ellie” is a good title; “Meeting with Ellie” is not.

All scheduled meetings outside of my regular drop in hours will be located in my office, FAB 120-15. See next question for how to find it.

How to Find My Office

My office is #120-15 in the Fourth Avenue Building (FAB), located within the computer science suite (#120).

FAB is on the corner of Harrison and 4th Ave.

The CS suite is a large glassed in area on the “Plaza” level:

  • If you enter on Harrison (by the Harrison & 3rd streetcar stop) you will need to follow the hallway straight ahead to the stairs and elevator, and go up one floor (to the “Plaza” level).
  • If you enter on 4th Ave (across the street from the food trucks, in the City of Portland side of the building), you are already on the right floor, proceed down the hallway to the left. You will see signs for Computer Science and the School of Education.

Once you find the CS suite, you will go through two sets of double glass doors to reach the front desk.

Go past the front desk, left down the hallway, left again at the corner, and then continue until you see #120-15 on your left.

Room numbers in the CS suite are not sequential. My office is farther down the hall than #120-16, across the hall from #120-23.

FAB Floor Plans

Managing Multiple Google Accounts

To access some course materials and to create meeting requests, you must be logged in to your pdx.edu Google account. You cannot use a personal gmail account. Multiple accounts can be very difficult to manage with the default web-based account switcher.

I highly recommend using the account separation features of your browser to open different tabs/windows in different accounts.

On a short term basis, you can also use the private browsing feature of your browser to get a clean browser profile to work in, log in to your PSU account there, and then access things from this clean window. You will have to re-log-in every time you create a new private browser session, though.

You are welcome to visit my office hours with any questions about how to use these features.