Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing


Week Topic Milestones
1 Introduction / ACM Code
2 Why Ethics? RR1 In-class: Intros + Pitches
Friday: Team Memo
3 No class. Team Meetings
4 Privacy, Speech, Data RR2
5 Intellectual Property & Licensing RR3 Due: Bibliography
6 Presentation I Due: 4pm, Slide Deck
7 Work & Automation RR4
8 Security & Reliability RR5 Due: Case Analysis
9 Taking Action RR6
10 Presentation II Due: 4pm, Slide Deck
Finals Thursday, 5:30p
Presentation II + Closing
_Due: Final Proposal, Wednesday_

Week 1

  • Read before class: n/a
  • In Class:
    • Technologies that have had an impact
    • Syllabus
    • Start of term Self-Assessment
    • What is an Ethical Question?
    • ACM Code
  • Homework:

Week 2

Why Ethics?

Due: 30-second intro + topic pitch, in class

Week 3

No class meeting. I will be at an NSF workshop in Denver.

Week 4

Privacy, Speech, Data + Zotero

Week 5

Intellectual Property & Licensing

Due: Annotated Bibliography, 11:59p

Week 6

Due: Presentation I, upload slides by 4pm

  • Read before class: n/a
  • In class:
    • Presentations
    • Give feedback to peers
  • Homework:

Week 7

Work & Automation

Week 8

Security & Reliability

Due: Case Analysis Draft, 11:59p

Week 9

Taking Action

Week 10

  • Read before class: n/a
  • In Class:
    • Closing self-assessment, course reflection
    • Thing from the future exercise
  • Homework:

Finals Week

Thu, Mar 19

Due: Presentation II, upload slides by 4pm

There is no final exam, but we will use the final exam period for presentations.

  • Read before class: n/a
  • In Class:
  • Homework: n/a

Fri, Mar 20

Due: Final Proposal, 11:59p