I am a Senior Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at Portland State University.

I teach courses in introductory computer science, human-computer interaction, and computing & society.

I conduct research about the promises, threats, and impacts of contemporary computing. I’ve studied: labor and the future of work, philanthropy and social change, microbial science, suburban family life, and possibilities for disconnection on the Pacific Crest Trail.

I work to make computer science more broadly accessible, relevant, and welcoming. I am developing a new intro CS class at PSU; I am co-director of CyberPDX, a summer camp for broadening participation in cybersecurity; and I am the faculty advisor for the PSU We in Computer Science (WiCS) student organization.

Recent Publications

CyberPDX: An Interdisciplinary Professional Development Program for Middle and High School Teachers

Ellie Harmon, Veronica Hotton, Robert Liebman, Michael Lupro, Wu-chang Feng, Lois Delcambre, and David Pouliot.

Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world

Janine Berg, Marianne Furrer, Ellie Harmon, Uma Rani and M. Six Silberman