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Strings variables are primarily used for labeling output and passing the names of m-files as arguments to other functions. While strings are not usually thought of as fundamental to numerical analysis, strings can add a degree of flexibility and polish to your MATLAB code.

Creating strings

Strings are matrices with character elements. The normal rules of assignment and variable creation apply. The simplest way to create a string is to use it on the left side of an equal sign where the right side of the equal sign is an expression that evaluates to a string.

String constants (literals) are enclosed in single quotes. The following example shows how to create string variables.

	>> first = 'John';
	>> last  = 'Coltrane';
	>> name  = [first,' ',last] 
The first two lines define two string variables. The last line creates a new string variable from three other strings. This assignment is the most straightforward way to concatenate two strings.

Addressing string elements

Colon notation

String operations

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