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Downloading Scripts, Functions and Data Files

Many of the MATLAB command sequences presented in this hypertext reference can be downloaded to your computer. This is indicated by a hypertext link to the file in question. Clicking on the link will cause the text of the file to be displayed by your browser. You can then save the displayed text to your computer. To resume browsing you will need return along the link with the ``back'' command.

To repeat, here are the steps for downloading an example file that has a link to one of these pages

  1. Click on the link to display the contents of the file
  2. Choose ``Save As'' from the ``File'' menu of your web browser
  3. Enter the file name and click ``OK''
  4. Select ``Back'' from the browser tool palette to return to the previous page

To take advantage of the examples you download you will have to understand how to use and modify MATLAB scripts and functions. Refer to the Scripts section and the Programming Basics section for further instructions.

And one more thing...

To run a script or function it must be in your MATLAB path. Refer to the ``Setting the internal MATLAB path'' page for more help.

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