Teaching at OGI

This table lists all of the course that I taught at OGI. The links are to the web pages for the most recent edition of the course, which may not have been taught by me, and which may differ from the course that I taught.

Title old (OGI) course number new (OHSU) course number Acad. years taught
Object Oriented Programming CSE 509 CSE 529/629 1995-2000,2003
Object Oriented Principles CSE 529 1997
Scholarship Skills CSE 569 CSE 569/669 1998, 2003
Advanced Operating Systems CSE 526 CSE 526/626 2003, 2004
OO Analysis and Design CSE 504 CSE 519/619 2000
Distributed Computer Systems CSE 515 CSE 515/615 2000-2002, 2004

Andrew P Black
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