Heuristics For Aces Up

PSU CS 410/510 Games Homework 2
Due before class Tuesday July 11

In Homework 1, you were asked to provide an upper bound on the percentage of winnable deals of Aces Up. In this assignment you will construct heuristics for playing the game without search.

Implement a set of heuristic rules for deterministically making choices in the play of Aces Up. These rules may examine all cards except the stock (cards unused so far) in order to decide which card should be moved to fill a blank space.

As before, run your code over a large sample and find the percentage of games won by your heuristic. How close is this to the upper bound of the previous assignment?

There will be a (very) small prize for the most effective set of heuristics deemed by the instructor to be feasible for humans without electronic assistance (i.e. no heavy statistical calculations or the like).

Homework should be submitted by e-mail to <cs510games@cs.pdx.edu>. The words "cs510games hw2" should appear somewhere in the subject line. The homework submission should be a MIME message containing your source code, a writeup in ASCII answering all questions posed by the assignment, and the results of program runs. Please follow all accepted coding and software engineering practices for your programming language. Remember, if I can't understand your submission, I can't give you credit for it.

I'd like you to do this assignment by yourself. If you do work with anyone else, you must credit them in your submission.