CS322 Languages and Compiler Design II Spring 2012

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

Teaching Assistant: Neeraja Budamagunta

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Required Readings and Suggested Exercises

Suggested Exercises

Problems from Engineering a Compiler. Numbers of exercises are given in the form first-edition-number [second-edition-number]. In a few cases, the exercise is missing from the second edition. Solutions (numbered as in the first edition) are available here using the user name "cs322" and the password given in class. Please do not copy the solution file or make any part of it visible on the open web.

Lecture Notes and Supporting Code

fab Language

Homework Assignments

x86-64 Resources

Note that this architecture goes under many different names, including "AMD64" and "Intel 64". (But "IA-64" refers to a different architecture altogether, the Intel Itanium.)
Warning: There are two assembler syntaxes in common use for the x86. So-called AT&T syntax, used by the GNU assembler, uses the format "opcode src,dst" whereas so-called Intel syntax, used by Microsoft's MASM assmebler, uses the format "opcode dst,src". When trying to decode documentation, make sure you know which format is being used!

Java Resources