About me

Fan "Stephanie" Zhang
Ph.D., Computer Science
Portland State University
Email: zhangfan@pdx.edu

I am a research scientist at Intel Labs. My research interests are Computational Photography, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems.

Work Experience

  • 2015 Summer. Research Intern. Intel Labs, CA, USA. Systems and Software Research Lab.
  • Stereo-constraining multi-view video stabilization: an algorithm that consistently stabilizes multiple video streams, extensive programming in C++, Matlab, OpenCV and OpenGL
    Patent filed: Multi-view Video Stabilization

Research Projects

  1. Stereoscopic panorama stitching (C++, Matlab, OpenCV and OpenGL; in CVPR2015)
    - Designed and implemented a stereoscopic stitching technique to help amateur users create high-quality stereoscopic panoramas for 3D and virtual reality head-mounted devices
  2. Parallax-tolerant image stitching (C++, Matlab, OpenCV and OpenGL; in CVPR2014)
    - Designed and implemented an image stitching algorithm to create high-quality panoramas from casually taken images, outperforming existing state-of-the-art algorithms including the commercial version of Photoshop;
    - With significant industry interests from Adobe, IBM, Google, Apple, Intel and Flickr
  3. Multi-lens video compression (C++ and JMVC)
    - Developed a multi-lens video compression method which takes advantage of inter-lens correlation to make video compression efficient; explored compression trade-offs; designed for VR real-time content transmission
  4. Multi-lens stereoscopic video benchmark (Matlab and Maya; in MMSys 2015)
    - Created the first benchmark for multi-view image and video research
  5. Video stitching (C++, Matlab, OpenCV and OpenGL)
    - Developed an algorithm for consistently stitching multiple casually taken videos together to create high-quality video panoramas; programmed in C++, Matlab, OpenCV and OpenGL
  6. Smart stereoscopic 3D photo editing system (C++, Matlab, OpenCV, OpenGL, FLTK and Weka; in ICME2013)
    - Designed and implemented a smart photo editing system, powered by a well-trained logistic regression model;
    - Experimented with multiple machine learning models including Decision Trees, SVM and Neural Network with Weka and LibSVM; data-mining with a large dataset of 3780 stereoscopic 3D images
  7. Hand-written digit recognition (Matlab and Weka)
    - Experimented with hand-written digit recognition using different classifiers including Decision Tree, Neural Network, SVM, SVM ensembles, Naïve Bayes and K-means clustering; compared and analyzed performances

Teaching Experience

  1. CS333 Operating Systems.
    Responsibilities: Taught linux-based lab sessions, graded assignments. Winter/2014, Fall/2013
  2. CS202 Programming Systems.
    Responsibilities: Held lab sessions of tutoring students learning object-oriented programming, advanced C++ and Java. Winter/2013, Fall/2011
  3. CS163 Data Structures.
    Responsibilities: Held lab sessions of tutoring students learning structures used in C++ for the storage manipulation of data. Winter/2013, Fall/2011
  4. CS162 Introduction to Computer Science.
    Responsibilities: Held lab sessions of tutoring students learning C++. Winter/2013,Fall/2011
  5. CS106 Computing Fundamentals.
    Responsibilities: Held office hours for business students learning VBA in Excel. Spring, Winter/2012


  1. Fan Zhang and Feng Liu
    Casual Stereoscopic Panorama Stitching.
    IEEE CVPR 2015, Boston, MA, June 2015.[Paper][Project website]
  2. Fan Zhang, Wu-chi Feng and Feng Liu
    A Multi-Lens Stereoscopic Synthetic Video Dataset
    ACM Multimedia Systems 2015, Portland, OR, March 2015.[Paper][Project website]
  3. Fan Zhang and Feng Liu
    Parallax-tolerant Image Stitching.
    IEEE CVPR 2014, Columbus, OH, June 2014. (oral, acceptance rate 5.75%) [Paper][Project website]
  4. Fan Zhang, Yuzhen Niu and Feng Liu
    Making Stereo Photo Cropping Easy.
    IEEE ICME 2013, San Jose, CA, July 2013. (oral, acceptance rate 12.7%) [Paper]


  • Reviewer for Siggraph, Pacific Graphics, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IET Image Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Computers & Graphics
  • Presentation at CVPR 2015, Boston, 2015
  • Presentation at MMSys 2015, Portland, 2015
  • Presentation at CVPR 2014, Columbus, 2014
  • Presentation at ICME 2013, San Jose, 2013
  • Volunteer for ICME 2013, San Jose, 2013
  • International Student Mentor for Portland State University, 2012


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2011 - 2016
    Portland State University, USA.
  • B.E. in Computer Science, 2007 - 2011
    Shandong Normal University , China.


  • Proficient in C/C++, Python, Matlab, OpenCV, OpenGL, JMVC
  • Familiar with Java, C#; JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WebGL; MySQL
  • Machine learning tools: Tensorflow, Weka and LibSVM