Hello 4 3 6 3 0 Plate Number? = | | over ; = "Adam"|"Boy"|"Baker"|"Charles"|"David"|"Edward"|"Frank"|"George"|"Henry"| "Ida"|"John"|"King"|"Lincoln"|"Mary"|"Nora"|"Ocean"|"Paul"|"Queen"|"Robert"| "Sam"|"Tom"|"Union"|"Victor"|"Willy"|"William"|"X-ray"|"Yellow"|"Zebra"| "Adum"|"Davud"|"Edwurd"|"Linkun"|"Ochun"|"Oshun"|"Keeng"; = "One"|"Two"|"Three"|"Four"|"Five"|"Six"|"Seven"|"Eight"|"Nine"|"Zero"|"oh" ; ]]> Unable to Locate Data Sent = "continue"|"stop"|"Oh Kay"|"again"|"OK"; ]]> I will stop now I don't know what to say

By Plate Number Demo

IMPORTANT: this demo REQUIRES a voice-enabled Opera client

This is an illustrative prototype of the Project 10-9 system. It prompts the user for an Oregon license plate number and responds with the vehicle status as well as the RO ("registered owner") status. All responses are fictious!

Format of Plate Numbers

The demo accepts license plate numbers in the form of three alphas followed by three numerics or three numerics followed by three alphas. Alphas are to be called out using the standard phonetics:



Make sure you are using a reasonable quality headset. Wired boom mikes are good and we've had good luck with high quality bluetooth headsets.

If the demo does not recognize the plate you call out, repeat it several times. Recognition accuracy during a session improves with time.

Speak at a normal rate, and loudly (but don't shout). Speak distinctly. Do not speak each syllable separately, say the word like you normally would.

Do not be in too much of a hurry to call out the plate. Opera will "beep" when it is ready to accept voice input - wait until the beep and then wait a little longer before speaking.

If the demo has trouble understanding you, try changing the pronunciation of some of the words. For example, "ZERO" seems to work better if you pronounce it as "zeero".

To re-run the demo after you check a plate, speak: "OPERA, RELOAD". This will reload the page and re-run the demo.

We suggest you set the Opera voice options to "key not required to talk", "enable high quality speech", and set the confidence level to "10".

Database Contains:

Adam Boy Charles One Two Two (RO has 10-35 Info)
Adam Boy Charles One Two Four (stolen)
David Boy Charles One Two One (expired tags)
Seven Three Seven Union Tom Union (clear)
Edward Robert Robert Eight Zero Eight (clear)
Willy Edward Lincoln One Zero Nine (expired tags)
Robert Adam David Two Zero Zero (RO suspended)
Robert Adam Paul Zero One Two (RO has no ODL)
Paul Sam Union One Two Zero (clear)
Robert Adam David One One Zero (clear)

If your speech is recognized by the grammar, you'll get a pop-up window that both writes and speaks the plate number back to you. If the plate number is not matched in the database, you will be advised that it is unable to be located. If the pop-up does not display, you may hear the demo say "unable to locate" - this means that what you said did not match the grammar, and you can try again.