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Warren's current research interests are focused on the use of technology in public safety applications. In particular, his current interests involve emergency communications, both voice and data, as well as computer forensics.

Warren, Bart Massey and Jim Larson are co-PIs on a project funded by the National Institute of Justice entitled Project 10-9: Using Portlable Radios to Operate Mobile Data Terminals . The 10-9 Project is exploring the use of portable radios to communicate remotely with the mobile data system (MDS) in a police car using voice commands. The goal is to allow police officers to utilize their in-car MDS to run plates and suspects when they are out of the car.

His work in computer forensics includes the development of a Lessons Learned Repository for Digital Forensics. He is a member of the IFIP Working Group 11.9 Digital Forensics.

He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and received the IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award in 2006.

Warren is a member of the PSU Center for Information Assurance .

Warren is a member of Motorola Corporation's Research Visionary Board. The Research Visionary Board is an invitation only opportunity to discuss and advise on emergent opportunities in technology, society, and business, with a small group of peers from both industry and academia.  

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