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In March 2014 I skied across Finland, from Russia to Sweden, close to the arctic circle in Lapland. The journey was completed in 7 days and covered 440 km. This was an organized event, the longest annually held skiing event in the world, called the Rajalta Rajalle Hiihto. Here is a link to a blog I maintained during the event. Rajalta Rajalle Hiihto blog

I spent the 2002/2003 winter on sabbatical in Norway. It was a dream come true. I even did the Birkebeiner ski marathon, although that was more like a nightmare come true ;-)

Here are the current trail conditions in Olso, complete with live web cams, daily waxing recommendations, trail maps and photographs.

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Here are some pictures of me skiing from my house in the Lillomarka, north of Oslo (first three), and in the mountains near Helmsedal, three hours west of Oslo (last three).

11/15/02 - They sure start them out young in Norway!

11/24/02 - Got some cool effects photographing our TV during a ski race.

11/28/02 - My wife Kirti out skiing before work again!

11/28/02 - An amazing selection of cross country skis at Bull Ski and Kajakk , one of the many local ski shops in Oslo.

12/29/02 - Waxing skis in our cellar before heading out for the day.

12/29/02 - Went classic skiing today. A great 20km loop from our house via Sinober hytta (hut).

12/31/02 - Last day of 2002. Went to work in the morning and went out skiing from home in the afternoon. It was around 0 degrees F, which made for a bomb-proof grip for the kick wax. Definitely the cat's whiskers ;-)

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