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National Weather Service Portland OR
Weather Outlook - surface pressure and fronts
US Tidal Height Predictions (2014)
US Tidal Current Predictions (2014)
Longterm Surface Pressure Forecasts (N. America)
Pacific Swell Height and Direction
NOAA Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service
American Whitewater River Database
West Canada Marine Forecast
N. Atlantic Synoptic Charts
UK Met Office Offshore Forecast
UK Met Office Inshore Forecast
Norwegian Maritime Forecast

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe
Columbia River Kayaking
Body Boat Blade International
Alaska Kayak School
Sea Kayaking UK

British Canoe Union (BCU)
BCU North America (BCUNA)
American Canoe Association (ACA)


Nigel Dennis Kayaks (NDK)

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