Cape Disappointment Movies
Here are three brief movies taken at Cape Disappointment just inside the Columbia river bar. Kayakers in movie 1 are Jon Walpole (quickly backing out of the way), AJ Mallory (in the middle) and Steve Scherrer (getting pummelled). The kayaker in movie 2 is Ginni Callahan (showing off her surf skills). Movie 3 is some very rare footage of me in a kayak!!! You don't get to see much of that in stills or video on this site ;) Filming is by Ginni Callahan and Jon Walpole. Video equipment and editing by Wade Norton.

Dead Man's Cove ... hmm.
[4.2MB wmv file - 23 seconds]

I'm sure thats not right ...
[1.2MB wmv file - 14 seconds]

The elusive Jon Walpole
[4MB wmv file - 21 seconds]