Kristin Tufte

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science &
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science

Office: 115-09 FAB (CS)
email: tufte [at]


Portal: Portal is the Portland-Vancouver transportation data. PORTAL archives multi-modal transportation-related data to preserve the data and provide a resource for local agencies and students. Portal's web site provides tools for analysis of traffic and transit data to support operations, planning and performance measures. Portal is supported by Metro, RTC and TREC with previous support from NSF, FHWA and OTREC.

Data Intensive Decision Making - Variety in Big Data: We focus on the issue of data intensive decision making and using Big Data technologies to improve the effectiveness of turning data into information and insight. insight useful to citizens and decision makers. We are building a testbed focused on transportation data. Our goals are safety, sustainability and effectiveness and our target uses are decision makers and citizens. This project is supported by the Intel ISTC-BD.

S-Store: S-Store is a collaboration with MIT and Brown through the Intel ISTC-Big Data. We are developing a stream processing system with transactional capabilities. The system was demo'd at VLDB 2014 in September, 2014 and as part of the BigDawg Polystore demo at VLDB 2015, September, 2015.

Current Courses

CS 487/587 Database Implementation - Spring 2016 Piazza signup link


Conferences & Workshops

Prior Courses

Database Implementation
CS 487/587 Database System Implementation - Winter 2015
CS 487/587 Database System Implementation - Spring 2014
CS 410/510 Database System Implementation - Fall 2012

Cloud Computing
CS 410/510 Cloud and Cluster Data Management - Winter 2016
CS 410/510 Cloud and Cluster Data Management - Spring 2015
CS 410/510 Cloud Computing - Winter 2014
CS 410/510 Cloud Computing - Spring 2013

Data Streams
CS 410-510 Data Streams

Presentations and Publications

A full list of my computer science publications can be found here. Please note that I also publish in the transportation domain. Those papers can generally be found in the TRB TRID database.

Contact Information
email:   tufte [at]
US Mail:
            Department of Computer Science
            P.O. Box 751
            Portland State University
            Portland, OR 97207-0751
Phone: (503) 725-2419