When First Unto This Country

By Phil Ochs

When first unto this country a stanger I came,
I fought the Revolution, peace and quiet was my aim.
When the Indians attacked us, at least that's what I'm told,
So we threw them off their land with no thought of greed or gold.

Then our ships were being boarded, other countries took our men,
Napoleon was too powerful, the British lost again.
And then hopelessly outnumbered, we fought our level best,
and we borrowed from Old Mexico the American South West.

And when that war was over there was no one left to fight
So we turned and fought each other--to the historians' delight
Then for thirty years we rested, and tried to ease the pain,
until the Cuban sugar crop we gladly freed from Spain.

Then  Europe started feudin', there were profits by the score,
so the ammunition makers fought the war to end all war,
but old Hitler started marchin', he practiced over in Spain,
the Depression was defeated, the world was safe again.

So we joined the United Nations in hopes that war would cease 
and except for Korea, we almost kept the peace.
Yes, it's time to really end all wars, the H-Bomb makes it worse
Besides this song is much too long to add another verse.



21 Apr 97 trent