By Phil Ochs

C (Cmaj7)   Am    C (Cmaj7)   Am
Drinks are done, daylight's come 
Bb6     C (Cmaj7)
It's morning
C (Cmaj7)    Am    C  (Cmaj7) Am
Crowd's moved on, everybody's gone 
Bb6     C (Cmaj7)
It's morning

F                     G
Sun's arising on the wet horizon
C (Cmaj7)       Am
Another day is here
     C (Cmaj7)          C (Cmaj7)  Am
As I dream alone by the silent phone 
Bb6     C (Cmaj7)
It's morning

Bb(Bb6)VI)   C(VIII) Bb(Bb6)(VI)  C(Cmaj7)
Lone--------some   morning    reverie
Dm       G                 C (Cmaj7)
All the life's gone out of me 

Coffee's cold, paper's old
It's morning
Head's on fire, oh lord I'm tried
It's morning

Waiting for another day to live and die away 
Try not to fret, try to forget
That it's morning

Lonesome morning reverie
All the life's gone out of me

Drinks are done, daylight's come
It's morning, morning, morning


circa 1965, Bob Fass show WBAI, here's a transcript of the intro:

"okay I wrote a song a long time ago and I never sang it and then one day somebody said that's sort of pretty but what it needs is some groovy jazz chords, so he showed me some jazz chords and said try and fit 'em, - and I did - and here it is - it's called..."

BF " Who was the somebody?"

"Who was the somebody, it was Mose Alison ! - no I'm only kidding, it wasn't Mose - I forget - Oh his name was [Hal??] David - he used to be in a folk group called The Just Four - The late great Just Four. It was [Hal??] David who showed me (these chords). Except this chord which I made up - I don't know what it is. This is dedicated to those people who just called, all those people who are out at late parties laying on the floor now passing out, in a daze, 'cause of the stuff you took"

Chords supplied by John Dachik, here's what he has to say about them:

This is kind of an oddity for Ochs, with regards to the chords used [must be those `groovy jazz chords'], making it somewhat tougher to figure out. This is as close as I could get it.

"Ochs-tuning" (between D and Eb)

Capo I

Bb6 = may not be the actual name, it's a Bb with the high E left open

C (Cmaj7) = It's Cmaj7 but I'm not quite sure of the picking pattern, and I think he hits a C on the B string at some points.

The Roman numerals are a reference to the frets as during the bridge Phil slides up the neck to the 6th and 8th frets.

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