Monroe Town

By Phil Ochs

The Klan rode through old Monroe Town
They rode there many a year
One black day they rode too far
The cry of freedom was near

Monroe Town is a dying town
It's a human scar with their feathers and their tar
With guns in their in their hands they rose to a man
Beat Monroe clan they (?) made a stand

There is a courthouse in Monroe Town
The truth is never let in
It doesn't really matter what you have done
You are judged by the colour of your skin

Freedom had a brother in Monroe Town
Rob Williams was his name
Liberty was his battle cry
And justice was his aim

Every state has a Monroe Town
Just look and you will see
Let's get together and clean them out
Let's really make our country free


Phil's intro to this song: ``...tells of Monroe, North Carolina where the negroes first armed themselves in defense squads and fought the Ku Klux Klan. They shot back at them without hurting anybody. The Klan rides no more in Monroe. This movement was led by a man who resigned (?) of the NAACP, Rob Williams, who now resides cuba since he is wanted for framed up kidnapping charge (?). The first melody of this is based on Blow the Candles Out.''

21 Apr 97 trent