In The Heat Of The Summer

by Phil Ochs

Intro: Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm 

       Gm          Dm
In the heat of the summer
F                       A
When the pavements were burning
    Dm        C        Dm 
The soul of a city was ravaged in the night
          Gm           Dm
After the city sun was sinkin'

Dm         Gm           Dm
Now no one knows how it started
F                    A
why the windows were shattered
Dm          C         Dm              
But deep in the dark, someone set the spark
           Gm         Dm 
And then it no longer mattered.

Dm       Gm                Dm
Down the streets they were rumbling
F                    A
All the tempers were ragin
Dm          C            Dm
Oh, where, oh, where are the white silver tongues
              Gm            Dm
Who forgot to listen to the warnings?

Dm     Gm          Dm
On and On come the angry 
F                   A
No longer following reason
Dm      C               Dm 
And all the stores were the target now
               Gm                  Dm
Where just the other day they were buyin

Dm             Gm            Dm 
Drunk with the memory of the ghetto
F                          A
Drunk with the lure of the looting
Dm                C            Dm
And the memory of the uniforms shoving with their sticks
             Gm              Dm
Asking, "Are you looking for trouble?"

Dm       Gm              Dm
"No, no, no," moaned the mayor.
F                    A    
"It's not the way of the order.
 Dm         C                  Dm 
"Oh stay in your homes, please leave us alone
               Gm             Dm
"We'll be glad to talk in the morning."

Dm              Gm                Dm
"For shame, for shame," wrote the papers.
F                      A
"Why the hurry to your hunger?
Dm           C            Dm     
"Now the rubble's resting on your broken streets
                 Gm              Dm
"So you see what your rage has unraveled."

Dm        Gm         Dm
Baricades sadly were risin 
F                   A
Bricks were heavily flyin 
Dm          C                    Dm
And the loudspeaker drowned like a whisperin' sound
              Gm             Dm
when compared to the angered emotions   

Dm           Gm       Dm
And when the fury was over
F                               A
And the Shame was replacing the anger.
Dm        C             Dm    
So wrong, so wrong, but we've been down so long
           Gm               Dm
And we had to make somebody listen
       Gm          Dm        Gm Dm Gm Dm
In the heat of the summer......


Chords and lyric corrections supplied by Cody Gillespie-Lynch.

Jan Hauenstein tells me that this song is in C#m, though. The easiest way would be to play in Am and capo up 4th fret. Like this: Intro: (Am) (Dm) (Am) (Dm) (Am)In the (Dm)heat of the (Am)summer (C)When the pavements were (E)burning The (Am)soul of a (G)city was (Am)ravaged in the night After the (Dm)city sun was (Am)sinking. (Dm) (Am) (Dm)...

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