I Like Hitler

By Phil Ochs

I like Hitler, Jolly Jolly Hitler
I like Hitler and Mussolini too

I like Franco in Spain 
And I'll have to maintain
That Batista was
Really quite all right

Trujillo was my man
Henry Ford/Hendrik Verwoerd would understand
What this country 
really needs is apartheid

Loyally we Birch along
Birch along, Birch along
Loyaly we Birch along
Back to the good old days

God save the king


"There's supposedly a wave of conservatism sweeping the country (sounds familar) and as the groups move farther and farther to the right, they find fewer and fewer songs that can be sung by people or groups as a whole...and when they finally arrive, I'd like to...I wrote this song for them, so they can sing when they get together." -- Phil Ochs

About the Henry Ford reference: "Along with making Model-T Fords, he set a Jew hating tone which helped inspire Hitler's rise to power." --- Dave Appelbaum. [Check out David Rovics' song Henry Ford was a Fascist]

Rob Geller tels me that the reference to "Henry Ford" is really a misheard reference to Hendrik Verwoerd who ``was the prime minister of South Africa in the early '60s and is widely considered "the architect of apartheid." He was a Nazi sympathizer who promoted the science of eugenics and laws modeled after Germany's "racial purity" laws. Verwoerd was stabbed to death by an assassin in 1966 and today is the hero of the white seperatist movement in South Africa. While it's important to remember Henry Ford's contribution to the Fascist cause, Phil was casting his eye on the heroes of international Fascism when he wrote this song.''

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