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GNU Source Code CD-ROM

The Free Software Foundation has produced its second CD-ROM. This CD-ROM contains sources for all of the programs on the Emacs, Languages, Utilities, Experimental, and the MIT X Required and Optional tapes. In addition, the CD-ROM contains the sources for MULE 0.9.7 (see "Free Software and GNU in Japan"); some packages ported to Intel 80386 and 80486-based machines running MS-DOS: Demacs, DJGPP 2.4, and MIT Scheme 7.2; and a snapshot of the Emacs Lisp Archive at Ohio State University. (You can get libraries in this archive by UUCP (ask staff@cis.ohio-state.edu for directions) or by anonymous FTP from archive.cis.ohio-state.edu in `/pub/gnu/emacs/elisp-archive'.)

The CD-ROM does not contain the contents of the MIT Scheme, VMS, or Net2 tapes.

The version numbers of the software on the CD-ROM correspond to the version numbers listed in "GNU Software Available Now," except that the CD has both Ghostscript 2.5.2 and 2.6. Ghostscript 2.6 was released very shortly before the CD-ROM was made, and has a number of significant bugs, the most serious of which are that the PBM driver produces incorrect color output, and conversion from HSB to RGB color is incorrect. We are including it here in the hope that users will find it easier to apply (relatively small) diffs from 2.6 to 2.6.1 than to acquire 2.6.1 from scratch, or to apply diffs from 2.5.2 to 2.6 (very large) to 2.6.1.

The CD-ROM is in ISO 9660 format and can be mounted as a read-only file system on most operating systems. If your driver supports it you can mount the CD-ROM with "Rock Ridge" extensions and it will look just like an ordinary Unix file system, rather than one full of truncated and otherwise mangled names that fit the vanilla ISO 9660 specifications.

You can build most of this software without needing to copy the sources off the CD. It requires only enough free disk space for the object files and the intermediate build targets. Except for the GCC binaries for SPARCstations running Solaris 2.0 and the MS-DOS binaries, there are no precompiled programs on this CD. You will need a C compiler (programs which need some other interpreter or compiler normally provide the C source for a bootstrapping program).

The CD costs $400 if you are buying it for a business or other organization, or $100 if you are buying it for yourself.

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