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Tape Subscription Service

The FSF has a tape subscription service. If you do not have net access, the subscription service enables you to stay current with the latest FSF developments. For a one-time cost equivalent to three tapes, we will mail you four new versions of the tape of your choice over the course of the next year.

Every quarter, we will send you a new version of an Emacs, Languages, Utilities, Experimental, or MIT X Window System Required tape. The BSD Net-2, MIT Scheme, and the MIT X Window System Optional tapes are not changed often enough to warrant quarterly updates.

Since Emacs 19 is now on the Emacs Tape, subscription will be a convenient way to keep up to date with Emacs 19 updates.

A subscription is also an easy way to keep up with the regular bug fixes to the MIT X Window System. We update the X11 Required tape, as fixes and patches for the X Window System are issued throughout the year.

See section "Subscriptions" in the "Free Software Foundation Order Form".

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