FUDGE: Freeform, Universal, Donated Gaming Engine -- Legal Notice

A Free Role-playing Game (RPG).

By Steffan O'Sullivan

Legal Notice

Version: December 7, 1993

FUDGE is copyright 1992, 1993 by Steffan O'Sullivan. It may be freely copied and distributed by any means desired. This legal notice must be included with each copy of FUDGE. No charge may be made for FUDGE beyond a maximum $6 (US) fee for materials and shipping, without written permission from the author. Please note that permission to copy only applies to the actual FUDGE rules: any background or adventure material included with the rules may *not* be copied unless specifically permitted.

A publisher who wishes to include FUDGE in a book of copyrighted source material or adventures may do so, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The publisher's copyrighted material must be longer than the amount of FUDGE material included.
  2. This legal notice and at least Chapter 1 of FUDGE (Overview) must be included.
  3. The words in this legal notice and those in Chapter 1 of FUDGE may not be changed in any way.
  4. There can be no extra charge for including FUDGE in the book.

FUDGE was first published in 1992 on the Internet, and was written by Steffan O'Sullivan (sos@oz.plymouth.edu) with an extensive amount of high-quality input from Andy Skinner. Other valued contributors include Martin Bergendahl, Thomas Brettinger, Robert Bridson, Travis Casey, Paul Jason Clegg, Peter F. Delaney, Jay Doane, Ann Dupuis, Paul Dupuis, Brian Edmonds, Shawn Garbett, Ed Heil, Richard Hough, Bernard Hsiung, John H. Kim, Pete Lindsay, Bruce Onder, Christian Otkjaer, Bill Seurer, Larry Smith, Stephan Szabo, John Troyer, Corran Webster, and others on rec.games.design on the Internet.

Groo the Wanderer (TM) is a trademark of Sergio Aragones, and use of the name in this product does not challenge the trademark status in any way.