CS 410 Section 01 - Applied Algorithms

Instructor: Tim Sheard
Office: FAB 120-04
phone: 503-725-2410
course meeting time: Fridays, 13:00-15:40 pm
Course meeting place: FAB 145

Syllabus. A list of coures goals, and topics covered in the course, as well as a description of the required textbook.

Readings. A listing and sources for all the required readings.

Lecture Notes as presented in the spring of 2005. The notes consist of Powerpoint slides (and associated code where appropriate).

Assignments. The homework assignments, and their due dates, as assigned in the spring of 2005.

This course is about learning to program and about applying our knowledge of algorithm design in new and intertesting circumstances. To do this we will study and solve many programming problems. Some of the problems we will study have come from past ACM programming contests.

To be a good programmer one needs several skills -- to study problems carefully, to weigh different approaches, and always to think before you write. After taking this course students should be able to approach solving programming contest problems in a calm and organized manner.

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