PSU CS510 (Section 011) - OGI GEN569/669
Scholarship Skills
Winter 2006 Tentative Schedule

Week 1

Tim. 10 Jan: Introduction, background research (annotated bibliography assigned)

Tim. 12 Jan: Reading and organizing material (2-p survey assigned)

Week 2

Tim. 17 Jan: On-line searching with Carol Resco

Todd. 19 Jan: Core rules of writing

Week 3

Todd. 24 Jan: Mechanics: Spelling, grammar, punctuation

Todd. 26 Jan: Math, style, figures (annotated bib. Due)

Week 4

Todd. 31 Jan: Math, style, figures (cont’d)  (5-minute talk assigned)

Tim. 2 Feb: Examples, citations, call-outs (2-p survey due)

Week 5 (5-minute talks this week)

Tim. 7 Feb: References (2-p survey revision assigned)

Tim. 9 Feb: Structure of a paper

Week 6

Tim. 14 Feb: Writing process and organization (2-p revision due, background paper assigned)

Todd. 16 Feb: Ethics

Week 7   (Five minute talks presented this week.)

Todd. 21 Feb: Conference papers (background paper outline due)

Tim. 23 Feb: Journal papers, theses, guest speaker

Week 8

Tim. 28 Feb: Web content, proposals (15-minute talk assigned)

Todd. 2 Mar: Presentation materials, also guest speaker (1st draft of back. Paper due)

Week 9

Todd. 7 Mar: Delivering a talk

Todd. 9 Mar: Reviewing and refereeing 

Week 10

Todd. 14 Mar: Vita and interviewing

Tim. 6 Mar:  How to succeed (final background paper due)

Finals Week (15-minute talks this week)

21 Mar:

23 Mar: