Exercise 4: Using Minisat


In this exercise you will use a real sat-solver, MiniSat, to test some propositions to see if they are tautologies. If a proposition is not a tautology you will extract a counter-example. You will download and install the system on your computer, create files that MiniSat can use as input, run the system on your files, and extract answers from the output of running the system.

Learning Objectives

As you work through this exercise we expect you to learn the following:

Getting Started


Study the problems below. We will try and prove that each is a tautology. Each problem has several parts.
  1. Formed a proposition by moving formula from the left of the turnstyle into an implication on the right.
    For example: p,q |- r leads to the proposition p -> (q -> r).
  2. Negated the formula.
  3. Turn the negated formula into CNF.

What To Do

What To Turn In

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