Reading Exercise #0
Due 8:00 AM, Wednesday Jan. 6, 2016
Chapters 1 (pp 5-39), and 2.1 (pp 41-48)

The purpose of reading exercises

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How to complete a reading exercise

How to turn in a reading exercise

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Reading Exercise #0  Tom Smith

Content of reading exercise #0

  1. Why are there so many programming languages. Explain the reason you think is most important to you when you choose a language.

  2. What are the two families of programming languages?

  3. List the languages you have had person experience with under each family.

  4. For what reasons do we study programing languages?

  5. Which of these reasons resonate with you?

  6. Explain the differences between compilers and interpreters.

  7. List the languages that you have had personl experience with under each category. Use the same languages you listed in (3) above. If you don't know if a language you have used is compiled or interpreted. Use the internet to look up the answer.

  8. What is a programming environment?

  9. List the phases of language processors.

  10. What techniques and tools do we use to handle program syntax?

  11. Which of these do you have person experience with?