How to use the machines in the lab.

GHC is available on both the linuxlab Linux machines located in FAB 88-09 and on the sunrays connected to in the UNIX Lab (FAB 88-10).

On the linuxlab machines students need not do anything to get access to the GHC toolchain. It is in your PATH by default and will just work. On the UNIX Lab machine(s) you will need to run `addpkg` in a terminal, select GHC, then log out and log back in. Once this is done GHC will be in your path and available for use. Note that there are many useful applications available to students from the addpkg utility on both UNIX and Linux. To use them this process may be followed. Simply run `addpkg`, select your application, then log in and log out so that the changes may propogate.

Linuxlab machines are available remotely by ssh'ing to and the UNIX lab machine(s) are available remotely by ssh'ing to All logins (remote and physical) will require CS student computing accounts which can be obtained from the CS Tutors in FAB 88. Physical access to the labs is access restricted and requires a proximity badge which can be obtained from NH's ID Services windows. Once a badge is acquired, access needs to be requested from the CS Tutors in FAB 88. Badge access requests may take up to a week to process.

When using the UNIX or Linux machines it is often useful to be able to access files on one system from another. On both sets of systems you may access your home directory files for each system by using the following paths:
for your Linux home directory and
for your UNIX home directory. Note that both paths are valid on both sets of systems. More details on this process can be found on the CAT website: If needing to copy files to/from Linux/UNIX students may find scp and sftp useful. Winscp and putty's sftp client are available for Windows users. Fugu and CyberDuck are available to Mac OS X users. Linux users can use the command line scp and sftp commands.

Thanks to Clark Boylan for compiling these tips.

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