Haskell Resource Links

Crib Sheets

  1. Basic Haskell Program Structure. Cribsheet 1 source.
  2. Basic types and their operations. Cribsheet 2 source.
  3. The Layout rule. Cribsheet 3 source.
  4. Creating lists with comprehensions and list functions. Cribsheet 4 source.
  5. Using The Excell library. Cribsheet 5 source.
  6. 12 ways to create a function. Cribsheet 6 source.
  7. Comparing, Sorting, and Grouping. Cribsheet 7 source.

Design Recipes


Module help pages



The demos, and many of the exercise use some libraries. Here are the sources to the libraries. All you need to do is copy them into the directory where your Haskell files live.

Other interesting Haskell links

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