ICFP 2008 Programming Contest Results

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Congratulations to Our Winners!

The winners of the 2008 ICFP Programming Contest were announced at the ICFP in Victoria, British Columbia on Tuesday, September 23. We wish to extend congratulations to our winners.

First PlaceTeam SmartassJava
Lightning Round First Placejabber.ruOCaml
Judges' PrizeThe Lone TEXnicianLaTeX (with a Perl wrapper)

More information about the contest winners will posted soon.

We thank all of our participants for their effort and their enthusiasm. Your substantial collective work (about 18 person years of work, by one estimate) made this contest matter. We hope you will join us again next year for another great contest!

Lightning Round

Results for the lightning round are published here.

Final Round

Results for the final round are published here.

8/15/08. Note: In the final round only, the rules have been relaxed to include teams whose code expected an IP address instead of a hostname as a command-line argument. This had the effect of including some teams in competition who had been heretofore disqualified. Unfortunately, we did not have time to re-run the lightning round trials, so those results stand.

Important Note

If your team does not appear in the results for the first trial (for either the lightning or the final round), it is because your submission failed to install or run.

Common errors included failure in the bin/install script and failure to establish a connection to the server within a one minute time limit.