The Eleventh ICFP Programming Contest: LiveCD

Download Version 1.6 of the LiveCD


A number of people have set up mirrors of the CD image. We are not responsible for the content of these sites, and they may go away at any time. If there is a problem with one of the links below, you should contact the person who maintains it -- not us.

These mirrors are for version 1.5 of the CD. There are some problems with C++, Scheme and wifi drivers that are fixed in version 1.6. Otherwise, 1.5 is probably fine.

Programming Environment

An image of a bootable LiveCD will be available from this web site. The CD provides an operating system and working environment for 32-bit x86 computers. The CD also includes a script to install the system to disk, if that is desired. We will not be supporting any other architecture besides 32-bit x86 machines, though contestants who do not have access to such machines may still choose to submit source code in the hopes that we will be able to run it.

The LiveCD's kernel is Linux Kernel KNOPPIX 2.6.19 #7 SMP PREEMPT, and the libc version is libc6/libc6-dev 2.7. A number of compilers for common languages will be included; an enumeration follows in the next section.

When the contest entries are evaluated, they will be run under the same system and environment as the LiveCD, on computers with the following profile:

The system that will run contest entries will not have network access. Submissions that attempt to download anything over the network will be disqualified.

Supported Languages

The LiveCD contains some popular language implementations, but the list is limited by the available space.

Language Implementation Version
bash 3.2
C/C++ gcc 4.3.1
C# mono 2.0
Dylan Gwydion 2.3.8pre1
Erlang 12.b.3
Haskell GHC 6.8.2
Java Sun JDK 1.6.0
OCaml 3.10.2
Perl 5.10.0
Python 2.5.2
Ruby 1.8.7
Scheme MzScheme 4.0.2
SML MLton 20070826
SML SML/NJ 110.67
tcl 8.4
In addition, the LiveCD includes libWine to support some Windows executables.

We are no longer accepting requests for other languages to be included. If you would like to use a language that is not on the CD, please do! Following our submission instructions will make it likely that we will be able to run your submission.

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