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Game servers for testing robots

Note! These servers do not define the rules of the game. It should be considered a bug if their behaviour disagrees with the task description. Also, the server used when judging submitted entries may not be the server made available for testing.

Game servers for download

The source code for our game simulator is available.

We also provide executable binaries:

For FreeBSD:
The Linux binary works. Run brandelf -t Linux Simulator. You might also need to start the Linux emulation with the command linux (needs root privileges).
For Linux: Simulator-6.3.gz (~400KB, gzipped, statically linked executable)
(6.3) Monday Sep 16, 3:30PM PDT
See ChangeLog for revision history.


See the README file.

Sample maps and packages specification files

You will need to supply maps and package specification files. Some sample files can be found on the maps page.

On-line game servers

Note! The on-line servers that were available during the contest have now been shut down...

You can test your robot controller program by connecting to one of our game servers. We can not guarantee that these will be up and running all the time.

(There was a limitation in the server: it couldn't handle connections from machines for which we cannot perform a reverse-DNS lookup. This problem have been solved now.)

Single player game servers

Use these servers to test your robot without interference from other robots. A new game will start whenever a client connects. These will be available on:

Multiple player game servers

These severs will be running continuous games were robots can connect and disconnect at any time. Please note that the server waits from commands from all connected players for every turn, so a bad behaving client can block a server for a long time...

Also note that in the continuous game, new packages are added to the board when new players connect and when all packages on the board have been delivered.

ICFP Programming Contest 2002