Scott A. Wells

Research group

There is always an ebb and flow to the research group. The individuals below are currently in the group, but we have a couple new ones coming in as graduate students and undergraduates working on undergraduate research projects.

Dr. Chris Berger, Research Assistant Professor

Model developer and  coordinator of modeling using CE-QUAL-W2.

E-mail: bergerc@cecs.pdx.edu

Andrew McCulloch, Graduate Research Assistant

Banks Lake, WA CE-QUAL-W2 modeling project for Washington Department of Ecology

Vanessa Wells, Graduate Research Assistant

Chester Morse Lake, WA CE-QUAL-W2 modeling project for Seattle Public Utilities. Yes, she is my daughter!

Ken Lawler, MS student

Tualatin River modeling impacts of global climate change on temperature regime

E-mail: mcculla@cecs.pdx.edu

E-mail: wellsv@cecs.pdx.edu

E-mail: ken.lawler@gmail.com


Lawrance Lake, OR

Pend Oreille River, ID