Scott A. Wells

He is the co-author of the water quality and hydrodynamic model, CE-QUAL-W2, used throughout the world for temperature and water quality modeling studies. He has been actively involved in studies for local, state and federal government as they work on improving water quality in surface water systems, including drinking water supplies for the City of Seattle and Portland.


Current projects that we are working on include the following: the Spokane River, Lake Roosevelt, Banks Lake, Chester Morse Lake all located in the state of Washington. We are also working locally on the Clackamas River and have development work under way with the Corps of Engineers HEC and WES on incorporation of RES-SIM and CE-QUAL-W2. We are also working on imapct of new hydropower projects in South America on green-house gas production and the Dead Sea modleing project.


We have been involved in over 100 water quality modeling projects around the United States and abroad.


Waterbody modeling projects list

Project List

Field work at the Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan

CE-QUAL-W2 South African hippo