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Research Mission/Vision

The central mission of Dr. Sailor's research group is to develop an improved understanding of the urban climate system, its feedback mechanisms, and the potential for mitigating actions to affect change. Our specific short term goals are to:

(1) quantify the relative role of component parts of the urban infrastructure in affecting the magnitude of the urban heat island

(2) understand how the urban system will respond to the added stresses of long term climate change (including changes in population, demographics, technology, and adaptation)

(3) evaluate the likely impacts of planning and policy options to mitigate the negative aspects of urban environments

For a list of research funding and publications see Dr. Sailor's CV.

Building Energy Analysis - We conduct laboratory measurements and building energy simulations to explore the efficacy of energy efficiency technologies. Toward this end we have developed a building energy simulation module to represent the green roof energy balance. This module has been adopted by the US Department of Energy for use in their EnergyPlus simulation tool as of April 2007. We also investigate thermal comfort and extreme heat events as they relate to heat-related morbidity and mortality.
Green Building Research - Our Energy and Environment and Green Building Research labs are equipped with resources necessary to conduct detailed measurements of thermal properties of envelope construction materials. We also monitor performance of systems in the field.See GBRL website for further details.
Urban Climate Research - We are studying various feedback mechanisms in the urban climate system related to human response to heat, air quality, and public advisories. We also explore the interactions between sustainability design features (e.g. green vs. white vs. photovoltaic roofing) and the urban climate.
Heat Island Research - We conduct urban heat island monitoring (traverse) and modeling (mesoscale) studies to explore causes and potential mitigation of the urban heat island. We created an Urban Heat Island Mitigation Impact Screening Tool (MIST) for initial screening of mitigation strategies. We have in-house modeling capabilities to more fully explore UHI mitigation potential for specific applications.

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