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August 2012 - ASME publishes videos from the ASME Roundtable on Sustainable Building Technologies held in New York in May 2012.

See http://www.asme.org/kb/news---articles/media/2012/08/video-city-scale-energy-strategies-david-sailor


June/July 2012 - Visiting Dr. Belarbi's lab at the University of La Rochelle, France for research collaboration. His lab is actively engaged in studies of coupled heat and mass transfer in building materials/systems, including an impressive 1/10 scale urban canyon facilitiy complete with green roofs.

La Rochelle Univ. La Rochelle


In 2011-2012 our lab is fortunate to host two sholars.

Evyatar (Evy) Erell, an Architect and Urban Micro-Climate Scientist from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel is spending a sabbatical year in residence at Portland State University. While here he is actively contributing to our research efforts, providing insight, guidance, and new perspectives.


Salah Ouldboukhitine is a doctoral candidate in the Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of La Rochelle, France. He is visiting our lab for several months to facilitate a nascent collaboration between Dr. Sailor and Salah's advisor at La Rochelle -- Dr. Rafik Belarbi.



In November 2011 Dr. Sailor was elected by the International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) membership to serve on their Board from 2011-2015 (updated Dec. 10, 2011).


Dr. Sailor was in Beijing from 12-15 July 2011 to give an invited presentation at the International Workshop on Urban Weather & Climate, co-sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and the Chinese Meteorological Society. The presentation title was: "Energy and Weather Interactions in the Built Environment - exploring options for urban energy sustainability". As part of this trip he took part in research discussions with the CBD Management Committee and local met office officials (updated July 20, 2011).

Entertaining at the Banquet

Beijing 350m Tower


Through our Green Building Research Laboratory (GBRL) we are conducting an innovative research project that incorporates Phase Change Material (PCM) in one side of an otherwise identical duplex being built to the Passive House super-insulated construction standard. The goal is to evaluate the performance of the PCM with respect to reducing the number of hours that indoor conditions are outside ASHRAE thermal comfort levels. The project involves extensive monitoring of surface temperatures/storage/heat fluxes, indoor environmental conditions, and sub-metered energy consumption. We are also modeling the building in EnergyPlus and will use observations to validate the building energy model so that it can be used for investigation of a wider range of design and climate variations.

Christophe & Steve with PCM Trekhaus Aug 2011


The International Association for Urban Climate has selected Dublin Ireland as the location of their next International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC-8). The meeting will be held August 6-10, 2012. See http://www.urban-climate.org/ for more information as the date approaches!












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