Robert James (R.J.) Ray
Updated: 02/02/2010

Professional Objective:
Obtain a position that will provide stimulating and challenging work and the opportunity to contribute in a team environment through continued development of professional skills and application of current skill sets.

Professional Experience & Qualifications:

R&D Electrical Hardware Engineer
Major responsibilities included delivering test bed / product power electronics, architecture of system voltage regulators and development and characterization of analog circuits in both high volume consumer electronics and low volume commercial electronics markets. Providing engineering support for reliability and qualification testing of new products and cost reduction efforts of existing products using new system components or modules. As a member of the Analog ASIC and Power Supply Teams; delivered power solutions across many diverse business units that do business in a global geography with a wide range of market segments.  Performed an integral role leading power supply new technology research, including development of technology for emerging high volume markets.

Demonstrated Capabilities
·         Developed Power Supply & Analog ASIC delivery schedules based on multiple product build and release schedules, safety and regulatory submittal schedules and contract manufacturing and shipping lead times.
·         Designed and executed functional electrical test plan for power supplies and product combinations, integrated these plans with reliability test plans and supported qualification testing and defect tracking.  This included the use of custom test board designs utilizing FPGAs to implement tests when final products were not available early in the design cycle.
·         Participated in design and layout reviews dealing with issues such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) routing, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Noise and Thermodynamics relating to circuit operation as well as PCB manufacturing.  Also participated in design reviews for mechanical layouts and physical PCB placements.
·         Supported PCB manufacturing and product prototype manufacturing builds at contract manufactures.
·         Contributed technical inputs influencing future low power energy management strategies, product architectures and implementation plans for green product design initiatives.
·         Implemented test methodology for Power Supplies & Analog ASICs using MATLAB to process measurement data into meaningful results that optimized design and integration of correct designs into products.
·         Investigated new technologies, particularly technologies that solved quality problems and reduced failure rates in geographic areas of poor electrical power infrastructure and growing economies, growing consumer markets and large overall market growth opportunities for consumer products.
·         Collaborated with Safety, Environmental Stewardship, Procurement, Product Regulatory and Product Design Teams across multiple HP geographies to implement process improvements that cut the development time for Power Supplies in half.
·         Traveled Globally to Asia and Europe to conduct technology and design reviews with remote teams, suppliers and contract manufactures / designers.
·         Assisted Procurement in evaluation of vendor manufacturing lines and outsourced test facility capability for Power Supplies. 

US Patents Granted
Patent #:7044571 - Adjustable AC To DC Power Supply Used For Controlling Pen Turn On Energy Variation
Patent #: 7019995 - High Efficiency Inkjet Printer Power Adapter Utilizing Parametric Change Via Feedback Comparator (European Patent Granted)
Patent #:7,352,085 - Soft Power Down Application For "Zero Watt Off Mode" In Inkjet Printers (European Patent Granted)

US Patents Pending
Publication #: US 2005/0135120 A1 - Bi-Directional Encoded Control Feedback on The DC Power Rail Of A Printer's External Power Adapter

Publications “Research Disclosure -”
“Enhanced All-In-One (Printer Scanner Copier Fax) Product Features And Functionality Using Integrated Wireless Router Technology”
“Method for Stabilizing Over Current Thresholds across Varying Output Voltage in Single Ended Primary Inductance Converters”

Pending Publications
“Safety Monitor Circuit to Prevent Delivery of non-Limited Power Source Supplies outside a Safety Enclosure”

Technical Skills & Proficiencies:

Programming Languages – Verilog Hardware Description Language, Custom HP Tools Scripting.

Test, Verification & Design – Basic skills in testing, trouble shooting and design of analog and mixed signal designs:
·         Taking measurements with Oscilloscopes using multiple channels, current probes, active & passive probes including differential probes & logic analyzer pods.
·         Making Voltage, Current, Continuity and Resistance measurements with hand held and bench top 6 digit precision digital multi meters.  Experience with Kelvin probe measurements.
·         Use of a function generator setting voltage levels and frequencies to run sweeps as well as analysis of waveforms such as sine waves into audio amplifiers or  triangle waves, square waves, etc. into analog circuits.
·         Simulation and verification of analog circuit designs using PSpice, LTSpice and Verilog simulation tools such as Undertow and Modelsim.
·         Design & Use of custom test boards simulating final product characteristics and custom software to control and simulate product firmware.  Management of 3rd Party test board designs for parametric testing of Analog ASICs.
·         Simulation of mixed signal circuit designs using Verilog simulation tools and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) emulation designs with discrete Analog components. Implemented FPGA based designs using Synplicity suite software tools.
·         Schematic capture & layout review with Mentor Graphics Design Manager & Design Architect (Currently Transitioning to Cadence Allegro Tools).
·         Use of HP-VEE (Visual Basic Based) and Visual Basic 6 software to control Oscilloscopes, Data Acquisition Units, Current Probes, AC Power Sources and Electronic Loads to run automated testing and verification of hardware designs. 
·         Use of National Instruments LabView software to replace older Visual Basic and HP-VEE programs controlling automated testing verification of new hardware designs.

 Operating Systems – Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 9X, Windows Vista, Mac OSX and some Unix.

Productivity Software – Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, Net Meeting, Project, SharePoint, Reflection X, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, WebEx, HP Virtual Rooms.


B.S. Electrical Engineering 2001
B.S. Physics 2001
Portland State University, Portland, OR.

Continuing Professional Education (Hewlett-Packard Company Corporate Learning Ongoing)
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Elector-Static Discharge, Common Mode Filter Design, Problem Solving & Decision Making (Kepner Tregoe Analysis), Theory of Creative Problem Solving (TRIZ), Analog Simulation with PSpice, U.S. Intellectual Property Law Overview, Using Labview – National Instruments Training, New Product Development, Global Supply Chain Management, Structured Analog Design (Dr. David Middlebrook)

Miscellaneous Masters Level Classes in Electrical Engineering & Management in Science and Technology
Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, OR.
2002 – 2004

Professional Experience:

June 2001 – Present, Research & Design Engineer for Hewlett-Packard Company, Vancouver Division.

June 2001 – January 2005: Consumer Product Design
January 2005 – October 2008: Power Supply Asset Team
October 2008 – Present: Custom Analog ASIC Team

EE Managers: Bob Van Schijndel / Ayoob Ramjan

November 2001 – June 2001, Contractor (Pen Energy Delivery) for Hewlett-Packard Company, Vancouver Division.

EE Manager: Art Doucet / Drew Davis

October 1999 – June 2001, College Student Position (20 hours a week), United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Branch Chief: Robert E. Willis


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