About Us


The Association for Computing Machinery is the largest international organization devoted to science and education related to computing. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 that provides its members access to professional publications, conferences, and career resources. The ACM also has student programming competitions.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform of educational resources to foster a diverse community of people passionate about technology.


Advisor Bart Massey
Chair Molly Shove
Vice-Chair Terry Tower
Treasurer Sean Roberts
Secretary Joseph Venetucci
Webmaster Tim Handojo

Our local Chapter

We are the Portland State University student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.

We're open to suggestions for other things we could do as a group. Have an idea? Contact us.


Portland State University is situated in downtown Portland, Oregon, United States. It was founded in 1946 and is the only public university in the state that is located in a major metropolitan city.

ACM is located in the PSU Fourth Avenue Building, Room 88-08. It's considered in the FAB but is below EB.
Portland, Oregon 97201
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Past Members

This record is incomplete as the chapter has existed since time immemorial.

ACM officers for 2012-2013

Chair Lindsay Ergenekan
Vice Chair Azadi Bogolubov
Treasurer Jameson McCowan
Treasurer Donovan Finch
Secretary Philip Coho
Arbiter Alexander Steiert
Vizier Damon Liang
Webmaster Harmanpreet Singh
William Van Hevelingen

ACM officers for 2011-2012

Chair Thomas Schreiber
Chair Damon Liang
Chair Isaac Archer
Vice Chair Alexander Steiert
Treasurer Jameson McCowan
Secretary Joseph Lee
Events William Van Hevelingen

ACM officers for 2010-2011

President Cory Kolbeck
Vice President Dan Colish
Secretary Oscar Sanabria
Treasurer Jon Harker
Activities Coordinator Spencer Krum

ACM officers for 2009-2010

President Reid Vandewiele
Vice-President Keith Parker
Secretary Louis Ledesma
Treasurer David Stelter
Events Coordinator Dan Colish

ACM officers for 2008-2009

President Hunter Haugen
Vice-President Cody Herriges
Treasurer Loren Davis
Secretary Aaron Fellin

ACM officers for 1988-1989

President Michael Green
Vice-President Trent Fisher

ACM officers for 1986-1987

President Shannon Nelson
Vice-President Shauna Hogan