Senior Project: Research Paper

The research paper part of the senior project is probably the most stressful part of the senior project curriculum for most high school seniors. With good reason too, it makes up 50% of the total senior project grade. A student's entire grade for the semester hinges on the outcome of this paper. Here are the parts of my research paper

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement defines the general theme that an essay will take on. Since my topic was so large, (The Internet), I chose to narrow it down to:
"The Internet, from it's beginnings in the military, is a long ways away from the all-connecting network we envision for the future."
Therefore, the theme running through my paper is WHY it's not perfect.

Paper Outline

The outline is your basic guide to what that research paper will cover. Since it's one of the first things that must be turned in, it's expected that it will change, sometimes considerably, by the time the research paper is done.

Since my outline is so lengthy, I'm including it on a seperate page. Some day my outline will be hyperlinked to my research paper itself for ease of navigation.


A necessary part of any research paper is listing who's works you researched. Most of the resources I used for this paper came from the online world.

Because of it's length, the bibliographic is included on a seperate page.

The Research Paper!

At long last, here's what all this has been leading up to, the final point that all my work has been leading to. Without further ado, here's my research paper. Share and Enjoy.