Tony Muilenburg

Adjunct Professor - PSU

Office hours: by appointment

Senior Engineer - Intel Corp.


ECE 510: Post Silicon Electrical Validation

 Lecture  Topic  Content  Homework Assignment  Reading Assignment
    1  Introduction  Slides  Content feedback  Bogatin Ch 1
    2  Disciplines  Slides  Indicators  Heck and Hall Ch 1
    3  Stats Review  Slides  Extrapolation  Sampling tutorial
    4  EV Fundamentals  Slides  UPM calculation  EV 101
    5  Methodology  Slides  Distribution Merging  Review backup slides
    6  Stimulus  Slides  Stimuls Simulation  LFSR
    7  Modeling  Slides  JMP Modeling (see lec 8)  EV board schematic
    8  Correlation  Slides  Correlation  EV board descr. Intro.
    9  Bit Error Rate  Slides  BER extrapolation  Review for midterm
    10  Crosstalk  Slides  EV board exp. 1,2  EV exp. 1,2 descrip.
    11  Intersymbol Int.  Slides  EV board exp. 3, 5, 6, 10  ISI doc, EV experimts
    12  Transmission Lines  Slides  EVB exp. 6, 7, NL5 sim  EV exp. 5, 7 descrip.
    13  Packaging  Slides  EVB exp. 4, 5, 9  EV exp. 9 descrip.
    14  Pre Silicon  Slides  EV board sim - hspice  Hspice tutorial
    15  Eye Analysis  Slides  PDA bit simulation  Review for final exam
    16 Confidence  Slides  Research paper example  Find 3 papers to reference

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