Long Mai
Computer Graphics and Vision Lab

1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 120
Portland, Oregon
US, 97201


About Me
I am a PhD candidate working with Professor Feng Liu at the Portland State University's Computer Graphics and Vision Lab.

Research Interests
My research interests are in computer vision, computer graphics, and applied deep learning. In particular, my research focus on developing data-driven methods, especially with deep neural network models, to address challenging problems in computational photography such as salient object detection, image deblurring, photo aesthetics assessment, and visual search.


Long Mai, Hailin Jin, and Feng Liu. Composition-preserving Deep Photo Aesthetics Assessment.
IEEE CVPR 2016, Las Vegas, NV, June 2016. 
Project website
Long Mai, and Feng Liu. Kernel Fusion for Better Image Deblurring.
IEEE CVPR 2015, Boston, MA, June 2015. 
Project website
Long Mai and Feng Liu. Comparing Salient Object Detection Results without Ground Truth
ECCV 2014, Zurich, Switzerland , September 2014.
Project website
Long Mai, Yuzhen Niu, and Feng Liu. Saliency Aggregation: A Data-driven Approach.
IEEE CVPR 2013, Portland, OR, June 2013. 
Project website
Long Mai, Hoang Le, Yuzhen Niu, Yu-chi Lai, and Feng Liu. Detecting Rule of Simplicity from Photos.
ACM Multimedia 2012, Nara, Japan, October 2012. 
Project website
Long Mai, Hoang Le, Yuzhen Niu, and Feng Liu. Rule of Thirds Detection from Photograph.
IEEE ISM 2011, Dana Point, CA, USA, December 2011.
Project website