Composed, and in Control

Composed, and in Control: Programming the Timber Robot

Mark P. Jones, Magnus Carlsson, and Johan Nordlander. Technical Report. Department of Computer Science & Engineering, OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU, September 2002.


This paper describes the implementation of control algorithms for a mobile robot vehicle using the programming language Timber, which offers a high-level, declarative approach to key aspects of embedded systems development such as real-time control, event handling, and concurrency. In particular, we show how Timber supports an elegant, compositional approach to program construction and reuse---from smaller control components to more complex, higher-level control applications---without exposing programmers to the subtle and error-prone world of explicit concurrency, scheduling, and synchronization.

Available by http in pdf. More information about Timbot, including photographs and video, is available on the Timbot home page.