Mark P. Jones


I am a professor and, since 2019, chair of the Department of Computer Science in the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA. My PSU Profile has a few more details.

My research interests include all aspects of programming language design, implementation, and application. I am particularly interested in the use of advanced programming language technologies for low-level systems programming, and in the development and application of expressive type systems and language abstractions that support the construction and certification of secure and reliable software systems.

[Caveat: In my current role of department chair, I am focussed on administrative work and do not have much time for research.]

I am the original designer and implementor of the Gofer and Hugs systems. People still ask me about Timbot. I developed a course on Languages and Low-Level Programming; and I have since reimplemented several of the associated lab examples using mil-tools.

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Department of Computer Science (CMPS)
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