Marek A. Perkowski. Robotic Puppetteer and Professor of Electrical Engineering

    1. Basic information about Portland Cyber Theatre Project for high school students. In the past, high school students participated both in Hahoe Theatre and in Little Mobile Robot Theatre projects. Look here for new information for this year projects.
    2. Hahoe theatre projects before Summer 2004. Here are many links and slides related to research and design projects on all levels, all related to Hahoe or Mobile Robot Theatres.

    3. A historic background on Hahoe Theatre. In PowerPoint Format. The first version of Hahoe Robot Theatre was built before August 2004 in KAIST, Daejeon, Korea.
    4. Link to the WebPage of Steve Mbah with detailed explanation how to build Hahoe head. Information from Spring 2004.
    5. Here you will find a lot of information about robot theatre and our theatre in particular. Information from Spring 2004.
    6. Here you will find many new pictures and movies from the theatre. Spring 2005.
    7. Hahoe theatre projects in 2005. This is now a Hahoe KAIST-HANBAT-PSU Robot Theatre. We collaborate with Hanbat University in South Korea.

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    Last update: December 3, 2005

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    Marek Perkowski
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
    Portland State University,
    1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Room 160-05,
    P.O. Box 751,
    Portland, Oregon 97201, USA.
    tel. (503) 725-5411