The cash funding from the laboratory research came from the following sources:
  1. National Science Foundation (two times)
  2. Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratories (two times)
  3. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (two times)
  4. Intel Semiconductor (three times)
  5. PSU Provost (two times)
  6. PSU Maseeh School Dean (two times - for high school robotics)
  7. Portland School District (high school robotics).
  8. Hillsboro School District (high school robotics).
  9. IEEE Oregon Educational Grant (RAS).
  10. IEEE RAS Student Project Funding (RAS).
  11. Analogix (FPAA).
  12. Development Corporation (FPAA).
  13. Oregon Commission for Blind (wheelchair for blind).
  14. Design Automation Conference - IEEE and ACM. (FPGA hardware engines).
  15. National Institute of Health (ovulometer).

The following companies donated equipment.
  1. Intel Semiconductor (computers, special workstations, test equipment, boards and IC chips, software)
  2. Lattice Semiconductor (complete FPAA development systems with ICs)
  3. Tektronix (industrial robot, motors and robot equipment)
  4. IBM (industrial robot)
  5. Innoveda (software, personal computers)
  6. Summit Design (workstations, printers, disk drives, monitors)
  7. ABTECH (software for data mining)
  8. Xilinx (software, IC development boards)
  9. Freightliner (tank).
  10. Atmel (software, microcontroller ICs)
  11. Cypress Semiconductor (software, development tools, IC)
  12. ORCAD (EDA software)
  13. ViewLogic (EDA software)
  14. Altera (EDA software, FPGA development boards)
  15. Sharp Microelectronics (DSP processor board, complete development software)